GPP PGS2 – Parking Guidance System

The GPP PGS2 system for guiding drivers to available parking spaces is an essential tool for speeding up traffic flow in parking lots.

It is a system of sensors, light signals, and displays that helps drivers quickly find a parking spot.

For operators, it enhances control over the parking lot and provides valuable data on the occupancy of specific spots as well as aggregate data for larger areas.

The core of the system is an ultrasonic sensor with LED signal lighting at each parking space.

Key Functions

  • Informing drivers and operators about the occupancy of spaces in real time
  • Up to 3 colors of signaling (capability to indicate occupancy and reservation simultaneously)
  • Integration with information and navigation displays

Additional Features

  • Tree structure system for connecting sensors to a control unit
  • Ability to connect over 2,000 elements in one installation
  • Expansion capability for 3D visualization of parking occupancy and a database for creating analytical reports

Additional information

Material (sensor and signal)

PMMA + ABS plastic

Sensor Dimensions

ø 125 x 49 mm

LED Signal Dimensions

ø 36 x 17,5 mm

Weight (sensor and signal)

<0,1 kg

Design and technical parameters are subject to change. Images may differ from actual products.