GPP LPR – License Plate Recognition System

The GPP LPR system for license plate recognition is an integral part of every modern parking lot.

It serves to enhance parking lot security (linking a parking ticket with the license plate number), speed up processing (automatic barrier lifting at the exit), and identify parkers without physical media (by entering the license plate number).

It also allows for the creation of parking cards, reservations, and tariff groups in advance, all based on the license plate numbers of the parkers.

Key Functions

  • Recognition of license plate numbers from more than 160 countries
  • Detection within 0.01-0.1 seconds
  • Ability to display the license plate number on the terminal’s information display or on multimedia displays (GP4T / GP5B)

Additional Features

  • Infrared illumination for poor lighting conditions
  • Photographic recording and archiving of passing vehicles
  • Ability to block vehicle entry based on the license plate number

Additional information

Recognition Distance

3 – 12 m

Illumination Technology

IR (infrared light)


265 x 320 x 611 mm


1,6 kg

Protection Rating

IP 65

Maximum Power Consumption

10 W

Operating Temperature

-25°C – +55°C

Design and technical parameters are subject to change. Images may differ from actual products.