GP4TW – Entry/Exit Terminal

The GP4TW is an additional component of the Variant system.

It is an entry/exit terminal with increased capacity for accessories.

Compared to the standard GP4T, it can accommodate more components – for example, a barcode/QR code reader, motorized reader with ticket collection, payment terminal, and receipt printer simultaneously.

Basic Components


  • Information display with video guidance
  • Intercom for communication with the parking lot operator


  • Terminal printer for paper tickets (from a roll or folded paper)
  • Button for issuing a parking ticket


  • Parking ticket reader (laser or camera), or a motorized reader with ticket collection


Additional Components


  • Scanner for reading QR codes from a mobile phone
  • License plate recognition system
  • RFID card reader with short/long range
  • Additional 18.5” information/advertising display


  • Contactless button
  • Dual paper feeder (Dual Feed) (allows complete depletion of the paper source, preventing unnecessary waste)

Additional information


Steel sheet (thickness 2 mm)


546 × 460 × 1170 mm


50 kg

Protection Rating

IP 54

Maximum Power Consumption

550 W (including 400 W heating)

Operating Temperature

-25°C to +45°C

Processing Capacity

Up to 600 vehicles per hour

Card Capacity

Up to 5,700 (11,500 with Dual Feed)

Design and technical parameters are subject to change. Images may differ from actual products.