GPE4T / GP4SE – Entry/Exit Terminal

The GPE4T can be installed as a basic component of the Economy system (main entry/exit) or as an additional component of the Variant system (internal entry/exit).

It is an entry/exit terminal offering several modular expansions.

Despite this, it remains a compact and economical solution, just like other components of the Economy system.

Basic Components


  • Information display with video guidance
  • Intercom for communication with the parking lot operator


  • Terminal printer for paper tickets (from a roll or folded paper)
  • Button for issuing a parking ticket


  • Parking ticket reader

Additional Components


  • Scanner for reading QR codes from a mobile phone
  • RFID card reader with short/long range


  • Contactless button

Additional information


Steel sheet (thickness 2 mm)


282 × 274 × 1170 mm


30 kg

Protection Rating

IP 54

Idle Power Consumption

20 W

Maximum Power Consumption

195 W (including 45 W heating)

Operating Temperature

-25°C to +45°C

Processing Capacity

Up to 600 vehicles per hour

Card Capacity

Up to 2600 pcs

Design and technical parameters are subject to change. Images may differ from actual products.