GP5B – Automatic Barrier

The GP5B automatic barrier is operated by an electric motor with a frequency converter, ensuring smooth arm movement, which increases the lifespan of the entire mechanism.

Typically equipped with an aluminum arm with a reflective layer.

In addition to being supplied as part of a parking system, it can also be used and controlled independently.

Additional Components


  • Remote control
  • External control
  • Card reader
  • Button

Traffic Regulation:

  • Warning beacon
  • Traffic light


  • Arm with rectangular/circular cross-section (various lengths)
  • Lighting on the underside of the arm
  • Aluminum skirt (“curtain”)
  • Adjustable arm support
  • Articulated mechanism
  • Speed module
  • Breakaway arm
  • Foam protection

Additional 18.5” information/advertising display


Available Variants


  • Arm length up to 5 meters
  • Movement time 3 seconds


  • Arm length up to 3 meters
  • Optional movement time (from 1 second)


  • Arm length up to 6 meters
  • Movement time 5 seconds

Additional information


Steel sheet

Dimensions (without arm)

350 x 300 x 1085 mm


72 kg

Protection Rating

IP 54

Idle Power Consumption

5,2 W

Maximum Power Consumption

770 W (including 70 W heating)

Operating Temperature

-25°C to +45°C

Arm Length

1 – 6 meters

Movement Time

1 – 5 seconds

Design and technical parameters are subject to change. Images may differ from actual products.