Payment Kiosk

This is a universal kiosk designed for custom client applications.

Examples of kiosk usage:

  • Payment of hospital or other fees
  • Purchase of tickets
  • Dispensing rewards (e.g., for plasma donation)

The kiosk is available in GP4M, GP4MC, and GP4MS versions.

API Variant Specifications

The device includes:

  • Hardware of the pay station and selected peripherals
  • API for controlling peripherals
  • Communication interface for the client application

The client application should include:

  • GUI application displayed on the pay station’s screen
  • Configuration of the pay station and required fees
  • Service menu (cash collection, service, and maintenance)
  • Receipt storage

A custom application can be provided by the customer or ordered as custom development from Green Center.

In such a case, it will be priced according to the customer’s requirements.

API for controlling peripherals

Peripheral IO Handling

  • Buttons
  • Navigation arrows


  • Execute payment (cash/card)
  • Cancellation, change of payment method
  • Payment progress information


  • Simple documents (text and 2D code)
  • Alignment of individual document parts
  • Font selection

Coin Validator, Banknote Reader, Banknote Recycler

  • Cash status information
  • Cash replenishment or dispensing
  • Cash drawer selection
  • Ensuring persistence between software restarts
  • Management of accepted denominations

HW Status Reporting

  • Device malfunctions
  • Low cash level
  • Printer running out of paper
  • Full cash drawer
  • Open entry door
  • Cash drawer removed


Payment kiosk

Delivery from GC includes documentation for the kiosk’s communication interface. To receive this documentation, an NDA must be signed.

Communication Interface

Pro implementaci zakázkové aplikace slouží komunikační rozhraní splňující:

  • gRPC (Remote Procedure Call framework využívající Protocol Buffers pro serializaci a přenos dat pomocí HTTP protokolu)
  • obousměrnou komunikaci a obsluhu několika klientů současně
  • podporu nejpoužívanějších programovacích jazyků (C#, C++, Java, Node, PHP, Python, Ruby…)
  • popis rozhraní pomocí .proto souborů, z nichž je automaticky generována implementace komunikace ve zvoleném jazyce

Additional information

Power Network

TN-S (three-wire system L, N, PE)

Power Supply

230 V AC 50 Hz

Operating Temperature

-25°C to +45°C

Design and technical parameters are subject to change. Images may differ from actual products.