PMC – Central Supervision, Management, and Service System for Parking Networks

PMC is a cloud-based system for central supervision, management, and servicing of a parking network.

Parking lots connect to the PMC server via the internet, allowing operators to manage them from anywhere using a standard web browser.

With the help of cameras and intercoms, operators are also audiovisually connected to the parking lots.

User Roles

  • Second-level Manager: Manages and oversees the entire parking network, can generate reports from all parking lots.
  • First-level Manager: Manages and oversees assigned parking lots, can generate reports from them.
  • Remote Operator: Monitors assigned parking lots and assigns tasks to mobile operators.
  • Mobile Operator: Completes assigned tasks and creates documentation.
  • Cashier (with configurable rights): Manages payments of parking cards, their activation and printing, cash withdrawals, fiscalization, X/Z reports.

Technical Details

  • Installation into the client’s IT infrastructure (customizable appearance, SSO login option)
  • Customizable mobile application
  • Support for third-party system integration


  • PMC: Parking lot supervision, parking card management
  • PMC ServiceApp: Mobile application for operators
  • PMC Cam: Connection to security cameras
  • PMC Iv: Connection to SIP / VoIP network
  • PMC Cash: Cash register application
  • PMC Report: Generating analytical reports

Key Functions

  • Occupancy information
  • Recording all events in parking lots
  • Remote control of entrances, exits, and cash registers
  • Parking card management
  • Manual payment
  • Reporting
  • Mobile application integration

Additional information

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