MARS – Remote Management System for Autonomous Devices

MARS is a remote management system designed for devices without a superior server – primarily for Economy parking systems and entry systems.

Individual devices communicate with a central cloud server, which the operator accesses via the internet.

Supported Devices

Economy Parking System

  • GPE4T Terminals
  • GPE4M Payment Stations

Entry Systems

  • GP4MS Payment Kiosk
  • GP4AT Turnstile with Pay Station
  • GP4AM Small Automatic Pay Station

Technical Requirements

  • All devices must be connected to the internet
  • The system is accessible from a standard web browser

Key Functions

Device Status Display

  • Online / Offline
  • Service messages (e.g., paper refill or cash collection)

Long-term Card Management

  • Input, search, delete, edit
  • Overview and setting of access

Financial Closures for Cash Collection and Refill

  • Search by installation and date

Additional information

Design and technical parameters are subject to change. Images may differ from actual products.