New P+R Public Parking Garage in Čelákovice

The three-story structure, which has been under construction since last year, offers a total of 97 parking spaces – two of which are for electric vehicles and five designated for disabled citizens.

The building boasts a modern design combining a three-story steel frame with wooden slats.


In addition to the parking facility, improvements were also made to the forecourt area during construction. The public parking garage has been accessible since November 2023, providing citizens with a new parking option and an easier transition to trains for travel to Prague. Emphasis is also placed on the safety and comfort of users, including barrier-free access, area monitoring by a camera system, and 24/7 technical support.

The parking garage is not just a new infrastructure investment – it symbolizes a modern approach to mobility and solving transportation needs in cities. With its completion and commissioning, new opportunities are opening up for the residents of Čelákovice and surrounding communities. The construction of the parking garage, costing over 100 million CZK, was completed in a record time of 20 months. This success is the result of effective collaboration between the city of Čelákovice, construction companies, and financial support from the Integrated Regional Operational Program.

The introduction of the new parking system in Čelákovice, including the charging for short-term parking and the establishment of resident parking zones, represents an important step in solving the city’s parking issues. These measures aim to motivate citizens to use the parking garage and optimize the utilization of available parking capacities.

The goal of the project is to provide users with a high level of comfort and safety through a modern and comprehensive approach to meeting the city’s transportation needs. Along with other planned measures in the areas of transportation and parking, the parking garage represents a key element of urban infrastructure for the future.