New P+R Public Parking Garage in Butovice

This new infrastructure, with its construction starting at the end of 2021, offers a total of 380 parking spaces, divided between residents and visitors.

We provided the installation, including charging stations for electric vehicles and entry units for entrances and elevators.

The facility also features charging stations for electric vehicles, which is an important step towards more sustainable transportation.

“Every new public parking garage on the approach to Prague reduces the burden on the need to park in the city center. Therefore, today’s construction of new parking spaces is far from over until there is the option to park and conveniently transfer to public transport on all outskirts of the city,” said Deputy Mayor for Transport Zdeněk Hřib.

This project is thus part of a broader effort to improve parking options in Prague. Given the growing need for mobility and the increasing number of vehicles, each additional P+R parking space is an important step towards ensuring comfortable and safe parking for all citizens.

We are proud of our contribution to addressing the transportation needs and protecting the environment in Prague, and we plan to continue providing modern and sustainable parking solutions for the city and its residents.